28 Dec

We are in a place we never expected to be in a year ago. Many of us are. What makes our story any different than anyone else's triumphs and challenges? You decide.

Presently I have a "day job" and several "missions" that keep me busy and interested in living a fulfilled life of abundance. The first job  (IT process analyst - simply put - computer nerd) is a job I love but generally do for money. A job that keeps the lights on and the funds available to support my missions - where my heart and soul are invested.

My role here at RAAW as the Vice President of Operations is my primary mission - ensuring that operations keep running efficiently and smoothly. This role includes but is not limited to supervising the build project, ensuring that we continue to stay on budget and on time. Other fulfilling missions include: running sound at Jesus Fellowship for worship service while Jimmy plays the drums there.

Red Apple Audio Workshop existed unofficially - then officially - for 15 years in our previous location. We were sad to leave a comfortable and fully functional facility, but we felt uncompromisingly called to move. We answered the call and have had to start over. While the effort is tremendous, we are tackling it one step/one day at a time.

Starting over is always much more of an undertaking than is realized at first. However, having the benefit of experiencing a studio build from the first time around, has afforded us a first hand education on how to best approach a build this time. Opportunities in a fresh environment really "spark" creativity in starting over. Lessons learned the hard way sometimes provide the greatest inspiration! 

We have a staff of two (Jimmy and me LOL) working on the demo of the existing structure and planning the footprint, development and execution of the build for the next studio. Roadblocks in the build occasionally call for the expertise of one or more of our adult children (Ben and Julie Lloyd or Jimmy and Dana Tanner)  for wise counsel and they always deliver when they are asked. God is providing at every need - Not always in the ways we expect but allowing for provision nonetheless. 

Our current situation is that the project is at the end of the demolition stage. YAY! 

<<<Insert happy dance here>>>

Jimmy has already started building/creating sections of the studio, adding insulation on about 33% of the studio footprint.  Insulation is a really important step because we really need the walls of the studio to be dry and sound isolating. Taking the time to get the "bones" right will offer payback over the lifetime of the studio. While I am the undisputed "Demo Queen" Jimmy is definitely the King of this build. I'm thankful for his expertise and wisdom in this part of the journey. 

Look for more updates in the days ahead - until then, thanks for following along with us "in the studio." We are sure glad we aren't doing this alone. 

-------  Eve

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